Gayel is an active member in the Rotary Club of Ojai West, and recently took part in their International Service Project in January of 2016. Along with 3 others, she went to Dumay, Haiti, in association with the Healing Arts Mission (HAM), to design and coordinate the painting of a mural on the walls of the Sante Dumay (the neighborhood Health Clinic). HAM was founded 17 years ago by Dr. Tracee Laing to "support the people of Haiti in the areas of health, nutrition, housing and social justice." 

With the help of local high school students, Gayel painted a mural on the HAM clinic wall using ideas submitted by the students. She incorporated a drawing from each child into the mural design...then used all of the leftover paint to do a mural on the school down the street.

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The Haiti Mural Project with Healing Art Missions

The Mural in Paxixil, Guatemala

This mural was designed with and for the Mayan children of Paxixil.  

The Mural was to be placed on the newly built Library which was really a school for the local Village Children....but it couldn't be called a School, because the Government might

take control of the building but not if it was called a Library.