In this vibrant and important series of paintings, Childress gathers images and stories of Motherhood from around the world to express “the experiences of Motherhood that our Mothers didn’t talk about with their daughters.” Some of these portraits of Motherhood express the loving, nurturing, compassionate nature of a Mother. Yet others powerfully and poignantly weave a story of loss, frustration and rebellion. This darker side of Motherhood rarely gets talked about and shared.

By shining light on these rich emotions women face, she hopes to bring more understanding and illumination to the challenging role that comes with being a Mother.

The following paintings tell Childress’s story of Motherhood. By clicking on each image to open the larger image, Childress reveals the symbolism and meaning of each painting along with additional personal comments.

These paintings are available as a set of greeting cards, or as individual prints.

Book, cards and prints available for purchase, Email Gayel for more info.

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    Rain or Shine           Sharing the Passion            No Rights

   Expectations          Sometimes Babies Die       Giving Wings

     Willful Child                 Giving Roots                Loving What Is

  Mama Has Her              The Empty Nest        It Takes a Village

  Red Shoes On

Truths & Myths of Motherhood

There is a universal thread that binds us together in the emotions

  we share as Mothers, and in the Mother–Child connection”.

                                                                                             Gayel Childress 


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