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Willful Child

This painting is about the social pressures for girls to marry, and how a willful child who is very different turns out to be revered by society. The idea of this painting was inspired from a folk myth of the Inuit of Alaska.

Symbolism:  The story goes like this… A man had a daughter named Sedna, who was at an age to be married. The daughter refused every man the father chose for her.  Exasperated, the father threw her out of his house to marry the family dog.  She did, and had two babies, one with red eyes and one with white eyes...these babies became the beginning of the Red Race and the White Race. 

Meanwhile, the father began missing his daughter, so he went out in a boat to bring her back home. As they were returning home there was a terrible storm and the father feared that the little boat wouldn’t make it with all of them in the boat, so he threw Sedna overboard, but she held on. The father started to chop off the fingers of Sedna that were gripping on the boat and as he did, the fingers that were cut off turned into the seals, porpoises and whales.  Sedna sunk down to the bottom of the sea. Sedna now is revered as giving the Inuit’s all the food caught in the sea.

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