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Sometimes Babies Die

When a Mother gives birth to a child, death of the child is never in her thoughts but sometimes death happens.  It could happen in infancy, as a teenager or as a young adult. The mother is never prepared for the pain of this loss.

Symbolism: This Mother is mourning the loss of her child, “possessed by the spirit, only the whites of her eyes appear as though seeing with eyes that peer through the transparent boundaries of the ancestors for strength” (from a quote I found somewhere). The wings on either side of the mourning Mother are inspired by the Secretary bird’s feathers, an African bird that feeds on carrion and represents death in the same way that a vulture does in the U.S.

Childress:  “While this painting was in process, my beloved grandson, Jesse, died unexpectedly…also, the Ebola epidemic in Africa was scaring the world.  I wanted to capture the emotional pain of a Mother’s loss of a child”.

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