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Watch Out, Mama Has Her

Red Shoes On

This painting is about the Mother who thinks she needs more fulfillment than raising children.

Symbolism: Children may act as anchors holding Mom down to stay home and BE the Mother.  As anchors, they remind Mom she can’t do the things she wants to until the babies are grown. Mom wants to play and do other things or find other pleasures, but babies are holding her down. Mothers have had these feelings of escaping their responsibilities since the beginning of time.

Childress: “This painting was created from a collection of my sketches of Coso style rock art petroglyphs created by the early Native Americans. They were sketched on location at Little Petroglyph Canyon, in the China Lake region near Death Valley, California, created by the early Panamint (or Koso) Shoshone people; and from petroglyph images found in the Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties created by the early Chumash people.”

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